The online exhibition for abstract, abstracted and modern paintings
Online exhibition for modern paintings
About Abstract Specialist
This platform is intended for abstract, abstracted, modern and contemporary painting only. All these artists can sign in, add their work for sale or for rent and supplement it with various data in order to be found through this online exhibition. Interested visitors can view these paintings or find through advanced searches and click through to the website of the artist. Buying or renting the painting happens on the website of the artist or other communication tools. Visitors can save advanced search queries with a free consumer profile and receive the latest abstract paintings by mail. Visit the sign in page for more information.

Abstract, abstracted and modern paintings
Abstract and abstracted painting is part of the modern art which does not (fully) attempt to display objects from the natural world and no matters from the real world are painted. Topics are transmitted through shapes, colors, rhythms and contrasts.

Counting stars
Among the paintings and artists there're also stars displayed. This star system is based on the number of times that the painting or artist profile has been viewed in comparison with the other paintings and artists.

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