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Db Waterman
Painted by Db Waterman
The Netherlands

Lady day

Lady day painted by Db Waterman

Billie Holiday ( Lady Day ) was born in Philadelphia, on april 7th 1915.
She was an american jazz singer and songwriter.
She claimed that she never sang a note, even though people wanted her to. Holiday was a seminal influence on jazz and pop singing. Her vocal style, strongly inspired by
jazz instrumentalists, pioneered e new way of manipulating, phrasing and tempo.
Above all she was admired for her deeply personal and intimate approach to singing.

All of my artworks are inspired by weathered walls with posters, peeling paint and all kinds of things in dilapidation.
I try to create something new, something beautiful with these elements.

Painted by
Db Waterman


Total size
120 x 80 cm

Created on
August 2017

Main colors
Grey / Red


€ 2.300,-

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Art impression
A global impression of the painting "Lady day" 120x80cm.

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