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Painted by Mimpi-ARt
The Netherlands

Why not blue? (Acceptance)

Why not blue? (Acceptance) painted by Mimpi-ARt

Why not blue? Because I am afraid of the blue!

Eerste in de trilogie 'Acceptance' naast 'Accepting the blue(s)' en 'Accepting the red'.
Als trilogie te koop 750Euro.

De serie gaat over het accepteren van angst, hoop, verdriet en liefde voor jezelf en liefde van anderen.

Inclusief zwarte baklijst.

Painted by


Total size
40 x 50 cm

Created on
September 2017

Main colors
Yellow / Grey / White


€ 250,-

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Art impression
A global impression of the painting "Why not blue? (Acceptance)" 40x50cm.

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